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Enterprise Mobile Security Strategy

Enterprise mobility is driving a new phase of business growth, flexibility and employee productivity. The low hanging mobile technology fruits can be realized in many areas of your business operations, right from sales through to top C-level. For example, field sales personnel can access product information and pricing data, obtain quote approvals, and advance a purchase process onsite with a customer from their mobile devices. In insurance industry, claims adjustors can process a claim at an accident site by simply using a mobile device to improve client satisfaction,.....the list is endless.

Given this mobile technology potential and benefits, employees are now demanding access to enterprise resources and collaboration tools on their chosen mobile devices. Their needs and demands go beyond just company email. They want access to their documents stored on file servers behind the corporate firewall, intranet portals, corporate instant messaging services as well as web applications from their devices. Managers are looking to transform their lines of business through the use of mobile technology, requiring that multiple applications share data to create processes that better serve their customers, partners and other employees. To meet the expectations for convenient enterprise mobility demands, IT departments face ever-increasing and evolving requirements for mobility enablement. But at the same time, they are confronted with a persistent challenge of securing the company data.

As this demand explodes, organizations must address security issues to reap the benefits of mobilizing the enterprise. Constant security breaches put companies’ valuable assets and information at risk and companies cannot compromise their intellectual property, proprietary business processes, business intelligence, and customer data just for the sake of mobilizing their workforce. As a result, IT departments must implement stringent security standards to ensure that mobile users are allowed access to key enterprise data only as authorized and that such data is safeguarded both during transmission and while at rest on the respective employee mobile devices. They also need to ensure that the core IT infrastructure is not jeopardized.

Our Mobile Security Solution

Through our partnership with leading enterprise mobility management provider, we offer our clients a comprehensive solution providing end-to-end, real-time mobile collaboration and enterprise application access supported by comprehensive device management and security. Our enterprise solution provides mobile professionals with up-to-date information when and where they need it and gives IT department the means to secure and manage a diverse fleet of smartphones and tablets. The data path through our solution is encrypted end-to-end, from behind-the-firewall enterprise servers all the way to the mobile devices.


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