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Security Awareness and Training

In spite of all the technical controls IT departments design to prevent security breaches, we all know that security incidents still do occur – and the root cause for many (if not most!) of these incidents are the actions of users. The “people factor” and not technology, are the weakest link in any attempt to secure information systems and networks. So if people are the weakest link then a robust and effective End User Security Awareness and Training is paramount to ensuring that people understand their Cyber Security responsibilities, organizational policies, and how to properly use and protect the resources entrusted to them. Changing user behavior represents the critical “last mile” of reducing risks on the prevention side of the security risk equation.

Our Security Education Platform is purpose-built to deliver comprehensive security awareness and training that can be effectively and easily managed by you and your administrators. This integrated platform gives you access to the key components of our Assess, Educate, Reinforce, Measure methodology. You can customize and send knowledge assessments and mock attacks, schedule interactive training assignments, run reports and measure results, communicate with your employees and much more.

This tight integration between knowledge assessments, mock attacks, training, and reporting puts you on the fast track to risk reduction. You could see significant results in just a few months, which you can continue to improve upon over the life of your security awareness and training program. Our customers have reduced successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90% using our proven methodology.

We understand that not every organization’s requirements are the same. That’s why we allow you to choose the specific knowledge assessments, simulated attacks, interactive training modules, and Security Awareness Materials that will work for you. Implement all our products for a 360-degree approach to security awareness and training or choose just the items that suit your organization’s needs.

Each of our modules offers 10 to 15 minutes of interactive training about a specific security topic. Our development and design processes use key Learning Science Principles and employ methods that have been proven to be more effective than once-a-year training presentations and videos that do not allow for interaction.

Our modules engage users through hands-on decision-making, improving knowledge retention and facilitating longer-term behavior change. In addition to this purpose-written, research-based educational content, our Training Jackets allow you to add custom and personalized content to the beginning and end of each module. You can add notes about specific organization policies, attach a training completion certificate, include a policy acknowledgement screen, and more.

As your employees progress through our training, comprehensive reporting functions allow you to gather the intelligence you need to effectively manage and tailor your efforts. We provide a variety of reports that give you both high-level and granular looks at your employees’ results.

Our Security Education Platform is purpose-built for information security officers and enables seamless execution of your awareness and training initiatives. We listen to our customers, and our responsive platform design gives us the flexibility to add functionality and incorporate new features.

Our Continuous Training Methodology includes four key steps: Assess, Educate, Reinforce, and Measure. These components can be used independently, but they are most effective when they are combined, which delivers a 360-degree approach to security awareness and training. You can deliver these steps via our Security Education Platform, which is purpose-built for information security officers and enables seamless execution of your program.


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